At Dr Corbyn, we’re committed to giving back to our community — and we’re actively working on driving change and making a difference wherever we can.

Supporting Ukrainian Refugees in Their Time of Need

Fear, freezing temperatures, strained finances and overbearing uncertainty — this is what Ukraine refugees fleeing their motherland are faced with as a result of the ongoing conflict with Russia.

Dr Corbyn is taking steps to support the well-being of Ukraine refugees and assist key charities in Ukraine and across the South East of Europe.

How we’re making a difference:

Supporting Ukraine refugees’ well-being

We’ve donated over 2,000 packs of essential vitamins for adults and children to refugee centres across the South East of Europe.

Raising vital funds for key charities

We’ve committed to donating 5% of all profits over the last 3 months to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society.

Assisting in humanitarian efforts

Going forward, we are continuing to supply essential vitamins to countries that provide support and housing to Ukraine refugees.

Making relief and aid more accessible for Ukraine refugees

Every Dr Corbyn product purchased on through the Amazon Smile donation programme goes towards facilitating Ukraine refugees’ access to relief and aid.

Supporting the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

Through the Dr Corbyn Cares initiative, customers placing an order on the Dr Corbyn website can now choose to donate 2% of their order value to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal at no cost to them.

How We’ve Given Back to Our Community in 2021

Dr Corbyn has launched Dr Corbyn Cares — a charitable initiative intended to help raise funds to support key charities across the UK.

Throughout 2021, customers who placed an order on the Dr Corbyn website were given the choice to donate 2% of their order value to one of 3 charitable organisations of their choice, completely free of charge and at no cost to them.

How we’ve made a difference:

Supporting key charities across the UK

We’ve donated 2% of all orders placed on the Dr Corbyn website to 3 key charities in the UK at no extra cost to our customers.

Driving change in the lives of the vulnerable

Every Dr Corbyn order has contributed towards making the lives of those in need a little bit easier and (we hope) a little bit brighter.